Winter Tire Survey Warns Drivers Preparing For New Year's Travel

About one-third of drivers plan to travel away from home during the pandemic winter of 2021 and most of their vehicles are not equipped to handle extreme weather conditions.

So says a recent survey by Bridgestone America. The survey found half of drivers who lived in severe climates similar to weather in Canada experienced loss of vehicle control on snow or ice.

“Winter tires are essential safety features for anyone regularly driving in winter conditions,” said Jeff Cook of Bridgestone Americas.

Rubber compounds used in winter tires help keep them supple to provide better grip. Tread patterns are designed with deep, wide channels to help keep traction on snow and ice.

Here are some key discoveries from the recent Bridgeston survey:

  • More than half of drivers who live in regions with severe winter weather say they are “very confident” when it comes to driving in snow and ice.
  • More than half of the drivers surveyed also had experienced loss of control on snow or ice.
  • About 70 percent of drivers who lived in severe winter areas did not use winter tires.
  • Most drivers believe four-wheel drive vehicles make stopping in snow more effective and that warming up your car before driving improves its performance. Neither is true.
  • Winter tires offer increased traction, braking and handling needed for winter conditions.