Ceramic Coating: A Futuristic Finish That Will Last For Years

Ceramic coating effectively puts a translucent shell over your paint job, making it an intriguing option for anyone obsessed with keeping that showroom shine as long as possible.

“Think of it like a clear coat, only a lot harder,” said Sam Azizian of Ceramic Pro, a manufacturer of ceramic coatings that also certifies installers. “It’s a nanotechnology that fills the smallest pores in your paint, making a shield that’s shiny, smooth and very slick.”

Applying the speciality coating requires specific steps and should be trusted to a professional, Azizian said.

Done properly, ceramic coating can last several years.

Ceramic coating is hydrophobic and repels water. The coating makes it harder for contaminants to stick to your vehicle, meaning less time spent washing and waxing. The coating also provides robust UV protection.

Ceramic Pro offers the following tips and insight on ceramic coating:

  • Ceramic coating is the hardest paint coating on the market. It’s four to five times harder than a traditional clear coat.
  • Consider using ceramic coating for vehicles often outside or left outside overnight. The ceramic layer helps protect against elements such as ultraviolet rays and substances like road salts and tar.
  • Look for installers who have a business license, insurance and a shop location. They must also possess experience with paint correction.
  • Once applied, the coating cannot be removed during the normal washing process. If your vehicle needs auto paint or body work, expert detailers can remove the coating by wet sanding.
  • Multiple layers of ceramic coating creates a shell that lasts for multiple years.

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